CellAntenna’s Interference Mitigation Services division, called Signal Hunters


Tethered and Non-Tethered Drones are available with our services, to learn more, visit OpenSkyDrones.com

specializes in interference hunting and abatement services for CMRS carriers, government agencies and private industry. With cases, ranging from interfering cell phone boosters to high-power FM and television broadcast stations, our interference hunting service is most often provided as a turn-key solution. We work with the offender to correct the interference problem, file the FCC CTIX report and provide documentation of the event.
We can also offer our services to those that have been notified that they have a signal interference issue that needs to be corrected. Our services do not stop at just finding the signal. We also work to clear the interference, in addition to checking tower measurements, and perform safety inspections to insure power levels in any place of business is not exceeding and is maintaining proper health and safety regulation. Specially trained field engineers (RF specialists) will utilize radio frequency spectrum analyzing equipment to isolate interfering signals. Combined with our years of experience, they can successfully identify the source by recording the signal, determining where it is strongest, triangulate the source, and work with the offender to clear the interference. Additionally, CellAntenna currently holds 6 different FAA-333 exemptions, meeting all of the necessary requirements to move forward into the field to begin the hunt.

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