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CellAntenna’s Interference Mitigation Services division, called Signal Hunters, deals in interference hunting and abatement services for CMRS carriers, government agencies and private industry. The service uses specially designed mobile analyzing equipment, including tethered and non-tethered drones, to quickly find any offending signal in order to mitigate and effectively moderate its damage to the cellular and public safety networks. With cases, ranging from interfering cell phone boosters to high-power FM and television broadcast stations, our interference hunting service is most often provided as a turn-key solution. Specially trained field engineers (RF specialists) will utilize radio frequency spectrum analyzing equipment to isolate interfering signals. Combined with our years of experience, they can successfully identify the source by recording the signal, determining where it is strongest, triangulate the source, and work with the offender to clear the interference.


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CellAntenna Corporation offers cell phone signal boosters, wireless repeaters and custom-engineered distributed antenna systems (DAS) to amplify reception in problem areas, ranging from homes to large buildings, hotels, skyscrapers and complexes. CellAntenna provides complete solutions to increase in-building public safety signal coverage, offering 2G, 3G and 4G LTE data and voice solutions for all major carriers – including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. The experts at CellAntenna in current standards and what is required to deliver a system that will be accepted by your local authority. We will design, install and commission the system, and ensure that it meets or is better than the code. Our approved systems work with P25, TETRA and all analog and digital type of public safety communication.



OpenSky Drones offers aerial photography and videography tours for residential listings (among others) that are available and created by use of quality HD cameras, able to capture crisp images to be live-streamed with remote viewing, coupled with the use of high powered drones for elevation and preciseness. Our services also include multi-story building inspections, roof/ship inspections, and structural integrity checks among many more. OpenSky works to display curb appeal and much more as drones are able to capture a bird’s eye view, showing great amounts of background or complete privacy, depending on the desires of the customer. In dangerous conditions and scenarios, drones are used in place of people for maintained and secure surveying, mapping, and photography services.